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As the climate changes, dress codes remain
22nd September 2022

As climate changes, dress codes remain

Patrick Crowder

The world is heating up. We’ve known it for a long time, and the recent heatwaves across Europe and the world serve as a reminder that things are very wrong. While Summers get hotter, many businesses still enforce dress codes which leave employees sweltering. Luckily, the fashion experts at Karen Millen have come together with wardrobe solutions for the workplace.

The first item to consider is the shirt dress – a long version of the dress shirts synonymous with traditional business. Collared shirt dresses look smart and professional, especially when paired with a light blazer, but Karen Millen also recommends t-shirt dresses as a better way to stay cool, providing that your employer allows them. They say that incorporating a belt can help dress up this light outfit into something that even more traditional employers will have trouble taking issue with.

Free-flowing maxi dresses are also a popular option as they often come in lightweight, breathable materials. They also come in a variety of colours and patterns to fit every level of workplace dress expectation.

A lightweight trench coat can be an interesting addition to Summer wardrobe which allows you to transition from a cool morning to a warm afternoon. Forget the heavy Winter wool – these trench coats often incorporate cotton to keep the wearer cool.

In terms of footwear, it all comes down to what you can get away with at work, but ultimately less is more. If sandals are allowed, go for it, but if not look for smart trainers with good ventilation to keep both your employer and your feet happy.

While cotton is the standard, it is good to remember that you can find just about any item of clothing in linen these days. This lightweight, breathable, and smart-looking fabric is not to be underestimated.

Climate change is an undeniable threat which requires immediate, decisive action. Even with such action, it would take time for the changes in our food production, transport, and manufacturing practices to take effect. Until then, we might as well be comfortable.


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