Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

29th November 2023
Simon Callow on his upbringing, life as an actor and the dangers of the art house flop
I am sometimes asked by young people who want to be actors whether I can help - realistically there'...
28th November 2023
Opinion: Energy policy will have a role to play in the 2024 US election result
One reason why Trump's numbers are looking good is because the Biden administration is so incredibly...
27th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on reviving Varanasi
I've just spent a few days in Varanasi, India's holiest place, celebrating my brother-in-law's 70th ...
24th November 2023
Exclusive: Sir Terry Waite on how to prosper in a busy world
I retain equilibrium in our busy world by having time alone. Everybody needs some solitude and every...
23rd November 2023
Diary: Ayesha Vardag on hiring, why the law on forced marriage needs to change and her new novel
From a legal point of view, the major shift over the past few ...
22nd November 2023
Percheron Advisory CEO David Hawkins’ guide to the wealth industry
When I was at university (Durham 1993-96), the prevailing trend was to apply to accountancy, the law...
21st November 2023
Baroness D’Souza on the encroaching power of the executive
My really big concern is the increasing power of the executive; this has been going for years and ye...
20th November 2023
Meredith Taylor reviews Klimt and the Kiss
To every age its art, to every art is freedom The Kiss By Gustav Klimt is one of the most recognised...
17th November 2023
Steve Coogan and the division between talent and knowledge
Steve Coogan just joined the ranks of the great actors with his portrayal of the odious Jimmy Savile...
16th November 2023
Tesla Targets India
I'm a big fan of Tesla. When I sold, I had salespeople trying to interest me in all kin...
15th November 2023
Meet Finito bursary candidate Max Liebmann: “I try to make the most of every opportunity”
In an age where almost everywhere we look we hear lament about declining standards, let's consider s...
14th November 2023
Suella Braverman and the Art of Ministerial Sacking: Part II
Sometimes it's your privilege as a journalist to call events precisely wrong. Yesterday, some minute...
14th November 2023
Ronel Lehmann on 27 Restaurant and Bar: “a beautiful nod to the past”
It is Safer Gambling Week (13th-19th November 2023) and I decided to visit a restaurant below a casi...
13th November 2023
Suella Braverman and the art of ministerial sacking
To sack or not to sack. That is the question for Rishi Sunak this week and there are few who would w...
11th November 2023
Stephen James: Reviving the Spirit of Remembrance in the UK
Is the poppy our cultural canary in the mine? Following the atrocities of 7th October, this year's R...
10th November 2023
Friday poem: Arrogance by Omar Sabbagh
Even the motes of dust he petitions to be friendly faces. And the undulance of his desire, the danci...
9th November 2023
Long Read: How Zoom is really changing the workplace
Zoom is one of those words like 'tweet' which has abruptly acquired a second life. Tweet used to be ...
8th November 2023
Opinion: Why Solar Power is the Answer
The world is hotter than ever. Climate-related disasters occur with terrifying regularity. ...
7th November 2023
Larry David v Dave Chappelle: the Battle for the Soul of America
All the talk of the 21st century belonging to the Chinese isn’t likely to have been reduced by the s...
6th November 2023
Exclusive: How King Charles III became the most important voice for social mobility in the UK
No matter how hard the King’s lighting team tries, it is difficult to create an intimate space. He s...
6th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: ‘Raise a Glass to Indian Whiskey’
Alongside its population and GDP milestones, this year India celebrated another world first: it is n...

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