Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

23rd April 2024
Meet the Mentor: presentation coach Merrill Powell
You've had a long and varied career in television. Can you talk a bit about your career, and how you...
22nd April 2024
India Heads Global Growth League
Cementing its place at the peak of global economic performance, India appeared in Franklin Templeton...
19th April 2024
Friday poem: Omar Sabbagh’s ‘Searching the Horizon’
I opened my eyes and my eyes opened/the light that help them first to arise; and it was as though a ...
18th April 2024
Music review: Tallulah Rendall’s Love Carries Me Home
Tallula Rendall's new album Love Carries Me Homes is a beautiful work in many different ways: it arr...
17th April 2024
Tracey Jones: Mind Management Mentorship for our Next Generation
Why is 'introspective reflection' critical for our society? And more, importantly our education syst...
16th April 2024
News: Barristers and judges have the largest gender pay gap, new study says
A new study has named the occupations with the largest gender pay gaps in the UK. Barristers and Jud...
15th April 2024
Long Read: Have we Lost the Habit of Independent Thought?
Our cities are so far advanced down a misguided aesthetic that even revolutionary projects must be u...
12th April 2024
As the House of St Barnabas closes we look at the future of Private Members’ Clubs
As Costeau walks into 5 Hertford Street, he receives that jolt of self-importance which he has learn...
11th April 2024
Peter Jackson’s Beatles film Get Back as a study in workplace toxicity
The data is mixed as to whether The Beatles have broken through to the younger generation. The band ...
10th April 2024
Sir Terry Waite: Maths is important – but we can’t afford to forget the lessons of history
I have been observing the government's education priorities, which currently place particular import...
9th April 2024
Long Read: Me, Myself and AI
When I consider the question of AI as it relates to the matter of myself, I find I have to begin wit...
8th April 2024
Exclusive: how Elon Musk is changing the global economy?
Elon Musk is one of those public figures like Mark Zuckerberg who seems to have his own uniform. It ...
5th April 2024
Former Speaker of the House of Lords Baroness D’Souza on China: “The threat is real”
There are three questions that come to mind in considering post-elections...
4th April 2024
An Indelible Mark: Terence Cole: 1933-2022
Friends and family remember the great and charismatic investor and party guru Terence Cole who touch...
3rd April 2024
Electrifying Europe from the Black Sea to Brussels
Plans are afoot to connect Western and Eastern European with the Black and Caspian Seas via a 1200km...
2nd April 2024
Henry Boston Crayfourd on his remarkable journey in film: “I always knew it was what I wanted to do”
I think it was probably the fun of bursting a balloon full of water over my Dad's head and filming i...
28th March 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Jeremy King’s new restaurant Arlington: “an inspirational overcoming of adversity.”
When Karin Stark, wife of the late Dave Allen, described how life was without her comedian husband, ...
27th March 2024
Opinion: Rob Halfon MP is one of the great parliamentarians of our time
The departure of Rob Halfon MP from Parliament at the next election, which was announced yesterday, ...
26th March 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Watch Out for a Moroccan HUV
Not sure what a Moroccan HUV is? Let me explain....
25th March 2024
Lumos Education CEO Johanna Mitchell on the women changing the face of conservation
Lumos Education was delighted to be invited to sponsor Women Empowering Smart Energy's conversation ...
22nd March 2024
The Poet at Work I: Tishani Doshi
As the government seemingly reduces the importance of poetry on the national curriculum, by making i...

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