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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Portfolio Career
17th July 2024
The Rise of Portfolio Careers: Could this be the era of the new Renaissance Man?
I've been lucky enough to go often to Florence, more than any other the city of the Renaissance man....
16th July 2024
Labour’s Green Quandary
When Sir Keir Starmer took office as Britain's new Prime Minister on 5th July, there was a sense of ...
15th July 2024
What will the new government do about the apprenticeship levy?
Initially it sounds a good idea to expand the apprenticeship levy and reform it into the "growth and...
12th July 2024
Book review: The Death of Truth by Steve Brill
Dustin Thompson was living in Columbus, Ohio and getting along more or less fine in the pests contro...
11th July 2024
Review: Theresa May’s Abuse of Power: “One of the best of prime ministerial memoirs”
The memoir by the departed leader has evolved a little since Winston Churchill's confident predictio...
10th July 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Indian Legal Breakthrough
In a sign of the growing openness of the India market, the Bar Council of India has said it expects ...
9th July 2024
What happens when a new government takes office?
Changes of government between one of the two main political parties have rarely happened in recent y...
8th July 2024
Opinion: Are General Elections in the UK still fit for purpose?
'Laugh about it/shout about it/when you've got to choose/anyway you look at this you lose.' So sang ...
5th July 2024
Stuart Thomson: “Your key role at work? Company Spokesperson”
In the workplace one role often overlooked is that of company spokesperson. There may be a PR team o...
4th July 2024
A Question of Degree: Dr. Andrew Shields on his Taylor Swift course at Basel University
Popularity and cultural importance are not always attributable to the same things. Bob Dylan is plai...
3rd July 2024
World Champion javelin thrower Fatima Whitbread on her campaign to improve the social care system for children: “We’re all in it together”
I meet Fatima Whitbread at a restaurant in Westminster and immediately warm to her kindly down-to-ea...
2nd July 2024
Roger Bootle discusses the future of AI: ‘it can’t cope with fuzzy logic’
It seems to me that the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been exaggerated in a range of wa...
1st July 2024
Photo essay: Career Thoughts on the Wildlife Photographer of the Year awards
At Finito, it is one of the most regular things we hear on the wish list from our young candidates: ...
28th June 2024
Opinion: Joe Biden and the Pitiless Society
The question of whether we should feel compassion for our politicians is a complicated one...
27th June 2024
Meet the Mentor: Rara Plumptre
Tell us a little aout your early life and education. Did you have mentors growing up who altered the...
26th June 2024
Those Are My Principles: Michael Moszynski
I am not a fan of Government trying to 'pick winners' in the economy (remember DeLorean?) but it doe...
25th June 2024
Event Report: London’s Luxury Elite at the Residence of the Jordanian Ambassador His Excellency Manar Dabbas
it was the writer of the book of Hebrews who explained the importance of hospitality: "Be not forget...
24th June 2024
Exclusive: How Stephen Fry went from Comedian to the Nation’s Mentor
Growing up is necessarily a provincial experience. It has to be: such a small proportion of the worl...
21st June 2024
Essay: Notes Towards a Meaningful Career
Lately I have been thinking about something rather fundamental: the meaning of work. This is, after ...
20th June 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Renewables Approach Tipping Point
A dramatic surge in solar energy generation amid falling costs - and a sudden Chinese enthusiasm for...
19th June 2024
Book review: A Very Private School by Charles Spencer
Many people how have been to boarding school will recognise the following question and answer. "When...

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