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Why you need to have a happy workforce

11th November 2023
Stephen James: Reviving the Spirit of Remembrance in the UK
Is the poppy our cultural canary in the mine? Following the atrocities of 7th October, this year's R...
10th November 2023
Friday poem: Arrogance by Omar Sabbagh
Even the motes of dust he petitions to be friendly faces. And the undulance of his desire, the danci...
9th November 2023
Long Read: How Zoom is really changing the workplace
Zoom is one of those words like 'tweet' which has abruptly acquired a second life. Tweet used to be ...
8th November 2023
Opinion: Why Solar Power is the Answer
The world is hotter than ever. Climate-related disasters occur with terrifying regularity. ...
7th November 2023
Larry David v Dave Chappelle: the Battle for the Soul of America
All the talk of the 21st century belonging to the Chinese isn’t likely to have been reduced by the s...
6th November 2023
Exclusive: How King Charles III became the most important voice for social mobility in the UK
No matter how hard the King’s lighting team tries, it is difficult to create an intimate space. He s...
6th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: ‘Raise a Glass to Indian Whiskey’
Alongside its population and GDP milestones, this year India celebrated another world first: it is n...
3rd November 2023
Review: Hotel Principe di Savoia in Milan
Milan is a famous city, but it's also in a catchment area where we find cities at their most beautif...
2nd November 2023
Opinion: Time management is the difference between success and failure
Recently, Finito Education held a fascinating mentoring roundtable at a major bank in the City. ...
1st November 2023
Matthew Perry: 1969-2023
There is a scene in Matthew Perry's memoir Friends, Lovers and The Big, Terrible Thing which it is i...
31st October 2023
Photo essay: Architecture in the Time of Covid
During the pandemic, we published Will Purcell's fantastic photographic essay on architecture during...
30th October 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on India’s Investment Allure
As the world polarises further into warring blocs, with Russia, China and Iran on one side and the U...
27th October 2023
Ronel Lehmann reviews Bellamy’s: ‘a genuine care for diners’
Hidden off Berkeley Square down Bruton Place is one of the late Queen Elizabeth II's favourite Frenc...
26th October 2023
An interview with legendary barrister Khawar Qureshi KC
Of all the things that can happen to you career-wise, to be born with the suspicion that you’d like ...
25th October 2023
Eduardo Greghi of The Kusnacht Practice: “I never thought of myself as losing money in my business; I was reinvesting”
It was the French philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau who said that anyone peering into the heart of m...
24th October 2023
The Dinosaur’s Last Ride: Paul Joyce on why he’s still a petrolhead in the age of electric cars
Yes, that's me, I'm the dinosaur. Surrounded by exhortations and ads for electric vehicles, all at w...
23rd October 2023
Long Read: What exactly does success mean?
As the world in 2023 bumps and stalls and falters, I find myself considering the question of Gore V...
20th October 2023
Why India’s Space Programme is Worth Every Rupee
"Why should Britain send aid to India when it has a space programme?" is a complaint you often hear ...
19th October 2023
Book review: Ronel Lehmann reviews Dame Esther Rantzen’s Older and Bolder
I often remind our student candidates that it is normal to be nervous before an interview. At their ...
Hamish Jenkinson  on the meaning of being an entrepreneur
18th October 2023
Hamish Jenkinson on the Hard Truth About Entrepreneurialism
What does it really mean to be an entrepreneur? A question I often ask myself, as I sit in my ho...
16th October 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: Is sport in India about to explode?
Now that the eyes of the cricket-loving world are turned to the country, as it hosts the World Cup...

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