Editors Pick

Why you need to have a happy workforce

14th March 2024
Stuart Thomson: “Your key role at work? Company Spokesperson”
In the workplace one role often overlooked is that of company spokesperson. There may be a PR team o...
13th March 2024
Roger Bootle on AI interviews – and why he prefers interviewing in person
The whole question of AI interviews is a bit like warfare really. Every technological advance on the...
12th March 2024
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ ‘Wild God’: ‘a song of planetary importance’
It used to seem to me that rock and roll was a young man's game, possessing within it the iron law o...
11th March 2024
Father Ted creator Graham Linehan: “The button has been reset and I’m back to being incredibly frightened”
Graham Linehan is tall enough to be unmissable as he walks into Berners Tavern, a place of almost un...
8th March 2024
Friday poem: Omar Sabbagh’s ‘The Ghost’
In the corner of the room a cheap white frame; the picture inside shows an aged man, minted there wi...
7th March 2024
Claire German: A Tour of Design Centre Chelsea Harbour in 8 Objects
Design Centre Chelsea Harbour is a world-class example of placemaking, its famous glass domes syonym...
6th March 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: The Hydrogen Revolution is Here
Within a few years, the gas that fuels your central heating could have changed to hydrogen, without ...
1st March 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Saison: “If only our politics could be as sweet as this’
It was absolutely bucketing down. There was only one thing for it. My guest was coming from the Pala...
29th February 2024
China’s Looming EV Dominance
It's now a decade since Tesla launched its Model S in the UK - the first battery-powered luxury car ...
27th February 2024
Book Review: The Good Parent Educator by Lee Elliot Major
I have been following Lee Elliot Major’s inspiring work for some time now. A global leader in his fi...
26th February 2024
Sir Philip Rutnam: ‘The state of our churches is the biggest crisis facing our national heritage – by far’.
I have always been very fond of Philip Larkin's poem 'Church-Going', where Larkin stops at the count...
22nd February 2024
Heidi Mallace on the potential impact of AI on democracy in 2024
2024 is posed to be the largest election year in history. There will be 74 elections and an estimate...
21st February 2024
“So, What Do You Do?”: Carter-Ruck lawyer Katherine Hooley on a career in the law
"So, what do you do?" That ubiquitous and seemingly simple question intended to glean insight into o...
20th February 2024
Book review: Rory Stewart’s Politics on the Edge
This is a fabulous book written by a man who thought he might be prime minister but who has instead ...
16th February 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Chelo: “the welcome doesn’t live up to the quality of the food”
I was invited to Jin Kichi, a Japanese restaurant in Hampstead. I always like on such occasions to d...
15th February 2024
To Read or not to Read: Paul Joyce introduces his new music column
If I were to introduce myself to you as a gambling man, then I would be willing to bet you a pound t...
14th February 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Sunny Side Up
Ten million Indian households stand to benefit from a new solar power project, announced this week. ...
13th February 2024
A Letter from Israel
This letter is ten years late. I went to Israel for the first and so far only time in 2013, and for ...
12th February 2024
Review: Harbour Hotel, Sidmouth: ‘a friendly, relaxing hotel’
In early 2024, many parents looked at the calendar with a degree of confusion: the schools were goin...
9th February 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Yalla Yalla: “full of character, lanterns and Middle East promise’
The name of the restaurant means "Let's go." And go we did. I managed to go there twice. On the firs...
8th February 2024
India’s New Wave of IPOs
From just $17 million raised by Indian IPOs in January 2023, this year they totalled $67...

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