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17th March 2022

As WFH goes long-term, employees search for more permanent home office solutions

For many employees working from home is here to stay, so people are getting ready to settle into their home offices for the long haul.

According to a study by the insurance company WTW, only three out of ten employers expect to move back to the office permanently within the next two years. This means that people will require a more permanent solution to working from home than the temporary set ups many have used during the pandemic.

It has been two years since the first lockdown, and only 49% of people in the UK have a full home office setup. A study from Instant Offices shows employees’ top priorities for creating home workstations.

Google searches for “home office ideas” have recently increased by 250%, and shoppers are looking towards eBay to create their new and improved workspaces. Along with houseplants, wrist support for typing, and stress relief toys, eBay shoppers are also interested in larger purchases such as ergonomic office chairs and new desks.

43% of employees in the UK are planning to convert a room of their house to a home office or build a new extension altogether. The need for extra space is clear, as the most viewed and sold WFH items on eBay are home office storage solutions.

The main concerns for a solid home office are comfort and solitude. About 83% of home workers agree that the most necessary items are an individual desk and a comfortable chair, while 71% point to natural light and low noise levels as their top priorities.

Instant Offices predicts that corporate headquarters will shrink by 40% in years to come, allowing the office to become a place for collaboration rather than full-time work. If this proves true, many of us will spend a large amount of our time working from home set-ups, so it is no wonder that people are looking for ways to improve comfort and remove distractions.

A clean, comfortable, dedicated workspace can do wonders for productivity and morale, so taking some time to consider what you want out of a home office now will pay off in the long term.

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