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Why you need to have a happy workforce


19th October 2023
Book review: Ronel Lehmann reviews Dame Esther Rantzen’s Older and Bolder
I often remind our student candidates that it is normal to be nervous before an interview. At their ...
10th October 2023
A Novel Way of Working: Tim Robinson on the best books about jobs
Writing my novel Hatham Hall (Northside House), I realised that characters who support themselves ar...
2nd October 2023
Paul Joyce: An Artist’s Memories of Sycamore Gap
Hadrian's Wall started construction about AD 122 and took nearly a decade to complete. It was intend...
29th September 2023
Friday poem: The Bay by Christopher Hamilton-Emery
The Bay A sort of dislodged washed-out bay we feel into after hours of hill torture. No terns or boa...
25th August 2023
Premiere Affaire: a film which shows there are no easy answers when embarking on a legal career
Premiere affaire is one of the juiciest films to hit the Piazza Grande at this year's L...
3rd August 2023
Meredith Taylor on Oppenheimer: “a fraught epic”
At a time when the world has been holding its breath over the escalation of hostilities between Russ...
28th July 2023
Review of Asteroid City: “a film with nothing to say about employability – or anything else”
How would you feel, I wonder, if you were a Hollywood star and not in the new Wes Anderson movie?...
20th July 2023
Novelist Tim Robinson on his previous career in TV
As a former director/producer of what were once pompusly dubbed 'high end' documentaries and drama-d...
13th July 2023
Class Dismissed: Raymond Gubbay
So what was it like starting out in the performing arts business? I left school three days before my...
23rd June 2023
Review: WOW!house at the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour
Sometimes your job as a writer is to critique, or nitpick, or to recommend improvements. At other ti...
23rd June 2023
Film editor Meredith Taylor on Dan Rather
The draw of a career in broadcasting necessitates watching this new documentary which offers a strai...
13th June 2023
Tuesday Poem: Omar Sabbagh’s ‘After Van Gogh’
The poet Omar Sabbagh gives us a meditation on the work ethic of the great painter...
7th June 2023
‘Steppin’ out into the dark night’: a review of Bob Dylan’s Shadow Kingdom
Geniuses never do what we want them to; if they did they'd be just like us. There's recompense for t...
5th June 2023
Angelina Giovani-Agha on her career in art provenance
Growing up I always wanted to be a doctor. No one in my family is a doctor, and even though I was te...
27th May 2023
Film Review: Meredith Taylor on Grand Prix winner The Zone of Interest at the Cannes Film Festival
Another daring and distinctive outing from the English auteur/commercials director, and his first n ...
26th May 2023
Review of Tar: “You have to work with people, and bring them along with you’
Talent hits a target no one else can hit. Genius hits a target no one else can see.' ...
23rd May 2023
Obituary: Martin Amis 1949-2023
I have started to dread a random Apple news flash on my iPhone: this sudden beeping sidebar seems to...
19th May 2023
Review of Spielberg’s The Fabelmans: ‘a film which tells us our best can be more than enough’
The Fabelmans is plainly the capstone in Steven Spielberg’s remarkable career. It is many things: a ...
28th April 2023
Christopher Wren at 300
I am standing in St Stephen Walbrook with Helen Vigors who is Heritage Project Manager with the Dioc...
27th April 2023
Film roundup: Why it’s a good year for female film directors at Cannes
Talk to any young person seeking a career in the arts, television or film and the creative industrie...
20th April 2023
An Interview with revered clinical psychotherapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer about Get Back and workplace toxicity
Psychologically speaking, how do toxic work situations arise and why is it that we find them so diff...

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