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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Front Line

6th December 2023
The Beautiful Charity: an interview with The Twinning Project CEO Hilton Freund
The great and the good are filing into Downing Street: representatives of the charitable foundations...
4th December 2023
Harvey Soning on the importance of not going to university and learning on the job
My education wasn't what you'd expect. My grandparents on my mother's side came from Russia and Pola...
1st December 2023
Opinion: 2024 will be the year of the jobs elections
Around election time, everybody always quotes Jimmy Carville's dictum: "It's the economy, stupid." T...
28th November 2023
Opinion: Energy policy will have a role to play in the 2024 US election result
One reason why Trump's numbers are looking good is because the Biden administration is so incredibly...
27th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on reviving Varanasi
I've just spent a few days in Varanasi, India's holiest place, celebrating my brother-in-law's 70th ...
16th November 2023
Tesla Targets India
I'm a big fan of Tesla. When I sold, I had salespeople trying to interest me in all kin...
15th November 2023
Meet Finito bursary candidate Max Liebmann: “I try to make the most of every opportunity”
In an age where almost everywhere we look we hear lament about declining standards, let's consider s...
9th November 2023
Long Read: How Zoom is really changing the workplace
Zoom is one of those words like 'tweet' which has abruptly acquired a second life. Tweet used to be ...
8th November 2023
Opinion: Why Solar Power is the Answer
The world is hotter than ever. Climate-related disasters occur with terrifying regularity. ...
6th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: ‘Raise a Glass to Indian Whiskey’
Alongside its population and GDP milestones, this year India celebrated another world first: it is n...
2nd November 2023
Opinion: Time management is the difference between success and failure
Recently, Finito Education held a fascinating mentoring roundtable at a major bank in the City. ...
30th October 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on India’s Investment Allure
As the world polarises further into warring blocs, with Russia, China and Iran on one side and the U...
26th October 2023
An interview with legendary barrister Khawar Qureshi KC
Of all the things that can happen to you career-wise, to be born with the suspicion that you’d like ...
24th October 2023
The Dinosaur’s Last Ride: Paul Joyce on why he’s still a petrolhead in the age of electric cars
Yes, that's me, I'm the dinosaur. Surrounded by exhortations and ads for electric vehicles, all at w...
20th October 2023
Why India’s Space Programme is Worth Every Rupee
"Why should Britain send aid to India when it has a space programme?" is a complaint you often hear ...
12th October 2023
Sarah Cobden-Ramsay on her ground-breaking jewellery charity Rhino Tears
It was during a visit to the Kariega Game Reserve in South Africa in 2016 that I encountered a remar...
6th October 2023
Singing Canary: how the Wharf has been transformed
London is full of fine views; the view from Primrose Hill looking back over the river; the view from...
4th October 2023
James Cleverly on India
I've just had the pleasure of meeting the Foreign Secretary James Cleverly, when he generously made ...
28th September 2023
How India Can Transform Africa
For India-watchers, the country's remarkable digitisation in recent years is one of the wonders of t...
26th September 2023
Long Read: Why do so many lawyers really want to be writers?
I remember everything about the occasion. The little meeting room at Stevens and Bolton LLP, the exc...
25th September 2023
Katharine Birbalsingh on the problem with government
I am sometimes asked if there’s any danger of children being put off by reading Shakespeare....

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