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14th July 2022

Neurodivergent people score 10% higher for tech skills

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Due to the lack of digitally skilled employees, the industry is looking for ways to identify candidates who are likely to be good in the tech field. A new study suggests that people with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia are better suited to tech roles than others.

The digital skills company With You With Me (WYWM) conducted a study of 12,000 test results to find out what traits make a person best suited to the tech industry. The study found that people with autism, ADHD, and dyslexia scored 10% higher for tech-based skills than the general population.

WYWM Neurodiversity Lead Jack Desmond explains how this new research could help to solve the digital skills crisis.

“Our research has shown that autistic, dyslexic or ADHD individuals, as well as those with other cognitive differences, can play a key role in solving the digital skills crisis which engulfs the technology industry,” Desmond says, “Neurodivergent individuals are grossly underrepresented when it comes to employment in the UK, and this research shows they possess the necessary aptitude and skills that employers are looking for.”

The research shows that 32% of neurodivergent people scored higher in the spatial awareness category, and 10% scored higher in the digital symbol coding category. Both of these skills translate to engineering, IT, and data analysis careers. Desmond is passionate about the subject, and believes that more must be done to recognise the unique skills of neurodivergent people.

“As an autistic person, I am greatly encouraged to see neurodivergent people recognised for the unique value they bring, but the next step is for widespread training and deployment into key roles within the technology industry where they will make a tangible difference,” Desmond says, “The benefit will be enormous for individuals to be given more opportunities, and for organisations to help solve the digital skills crisis.”

Credit: WithYouWIthMe

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