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15th February 2022

New year, new job – navigating the market amid a flood of first quarter applications

Patrick Crowder

Is finding a new job on your list of resolutions for this New Year? Research from the staffing firm Robert Half shows that, for many, the holiday season was a time for polishing CVs and considering new roles.

The pandemic has given people time to reflect on their priorities not only in the workplace, but in life in general. The holiday season is also traditionally a time for reflection, and this year’s resolutions included finding a new job for many people.

The research shows that 21% of UK employees planned to look for a new role before March of 2022. UK Managing Director Matt Weston explains why so many people are choosing to look for new jobs right now.

“Holidays are typically a time for people to take stock and assess their priorities in the year ahead,” Weston says, “it’s why we usually see a jump in activity in Q1, and after the summer holiday period in Q3.”

Taking some time away from a role can provide the break needed to continue on with it once the vacation period is over, but increasingly it also allows employees the chance to long for something better. Coupled with the pandemic, this has created the perfect conditions for a flood of new applicants.

“With the uncertainty of the pandemic, many employees were holding fast until the situation was a little more secure,” Weston says, “Even with the rumours of a fresh lockdown approaching, many are now tired of waiting and keen to take the next step in the careers.”

59% of employees surveyed said that they planned to update their CVs over the holiday period. In response to this, Robert Half published some recommendations to make your CV stand out and avoid the rejection pile.

They suggest a more personal CV – one free of jargon, and that is written in the employees own voice. Rather than formulaic entries about “being a good problem solver” or similar, they maintain that examples of an employee’s use of such traits in the field is a better way to highlight their abilities.

Additionally, they state that short, to-the-point CVs are more likely to be considered by potential employers. By saving something to talk about during the interview, the uncomfortable process of parroting information to an interviewer which is already on your CV can be avoided. Also, by listing your biggest, most relevant achievements first rather than relying on a chronological structure, you can be sure that the most important information about you as an employee is considered.

The high volume of applications will certainly mean higher than usual competition, but Weston explains why this particular new year provides some attractive opportunities.

“For those thinking for taking the leap, there couldn’t be a better time to look for a new role,” he says, “Companies have been hiring to back-fill roles and take advantage of the economic rebound, which left 1.2 million vacancies across the UK without the candidates to fill them. As a result, the best talent will be able to command healthy salary packages from potential employers.”

The switch to a new role can bring many challenges, and plenty of people are happy with the stability that staying with their current employer provides. However, if the prospect of returning to that old job feels more daunting than usual, now may be a great time to dust off that CV and look for a better fit.


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