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14th March 2024

Stuart Thomson: “Your key role at work? Company Spokesperson”

Stuart Thomson

In the workplace one role often overlooked role is that of company spokesperson. There may be a PR team or external affairs function which deals with the day-to-day of making statements, but the reality is that every single employee is a spokesperson for the company.

Any communications team worth their place know that each and every employee is a company spokesperson. The does not always mean that comments are made in the media. A spokesperson may be silent in public. But the way in which they perform at work, their collegiate nature, offering ideas to overcome challenges all speak volumes about commitment and dedication.

Those that buy the services, products or skills of that company see that commitment and know it says a lot about them. Companies must do all they can to nurture that and often do so by working with employees, surveying them, providing incentives, paying for skills improvements etc. There is no greater statement of quality than that of delivery.

But there can also be a more vocal aspect to each employee being company spokesperson. When stakeholders, whether they be customers, investors, the media, local communities, or local political representatives, seek information or insight into the company, they listen most keenly to those directly involved within the organisation. These spokespersons are not just the messengers; they are the ones who intimately know and understand how the company operates, its values, and its mission. They are the people who work for it.

During times of crisis, this internal perspective becomes even more critical. When the media comes knocking, they will naturally look internally for comment. In these moments, having well-informed employees makes them invaluable spokespeople. They can make all the difference in how the company’s actions and responses are perceived by the public and other stakeholders. They serve as the frontline defenders of the company’s reputation, helping to shape the narrative and mitigate potential damage. Just imagine how a regulator might react to a potential issue when faced by a barrage of criticism from a company’s employees. How different might that reaction be when the voices are all of support and praising the approach?

That is what can make an internal campaign more damaging than others. They are the people who know what the place is like to work at. They understand what is really going on beyond the official public statements and policies.

But that public voice can be more subtle as well. The absence of hostile voices from within an organisation raising complaints or airing grievances on social media, or on review sites, helps protect a company’s reputation. Conversely, if internal feedback, spread through such channels, is consistently negative or critical, it can erode trust and tarnish the company’s image over time.

Who would want to work for such a company? Would you want to do business with them?

This underlines the importance of companies investing time and effort in understanding teams and addressing issues before they escalate into crises. It also means that if anything does go wrong, then the internal team should be among the first to learn what is happening. This will equip them to communicate effectively with external stakeholders, if needed. It is often those companies who prevent their people from speaking at all costs that have the most to fear.

But employees should be actively celebrating a company’s successes and championing it. Publicly acknowledging and praising the achievements of colleagues and departments not only boosts morale internally but also enhances the company’s reputation externally.

Every employee plays a crucial role as a company spokesperson, at all levels and all the time. Whether they’re interacting with customers of clients, speaking to the media, engaging on social media, or talking to people in the shops, their words and actions reflect back on the company as a whole.

So how is your company equipping you? Do they understand the role that you play as spokesperson? If not then they are not helping you as they should and are playing a dangerous game with their own reputation.

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