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8th February 2023

The highest paying travel-based jobs

Patrick Crowder

For many people, getting paid to travel is the dream. For many, it also seems unattainable, but that isn’t necessarily the case. While some travel-friendly jobs are quite obvious, others fly under the radar, so we’re taking a look at research from Absolute Digital Media (ADM) which shows top roles for the aspiring jetsetter.

The highest-paying profession which involves travel is architecture. Architects earn £43,729 per year on average, according to ADM. Not all architecture jobs require or even allow for travel, and many are office based. However, the nature of the profession means that there are roles available in overseas construction monitoring, on-site design, and other overseas roles. While architecture is no guaranteed ticket to travel, the roles are out there if you look for them.

The nice thing about being a qualified bartender is that, largely, the work doesn’t change no matter where you go. Sure, some countries will have different license requirements and regulations, but at the end of the day it comes down to mixology, people skills, and common sense. Bartenders in Australia make around £31,947 per year, so that is a common destination for qualified mixologists looking to live abroad. In the US, bartenders can make up to $28 per hour. Of course, there are bartending roles in nearly every country, so the options are plenty and the final choice of country will come down to personal preference and experience.

There are a few obvious choices when it comes to travel jobs, but that does not mean that these options are any less attainable for those looking to escape the desk. One (which is fairly close to home for this writer) is journalism. Journalism, depending on publication and reach, can take you all over the world meeting interesting people and having irreplicable experiences all while getting paid for it. Journalism is by no means an easy job, but whether your expertise is in radio, film, research, or the written word, there are probably travel opportunities in your future. Journalists earn £25,910 per year on average.

Cruise ship staff, Event Planners, Freelance Travel Photographers, and Flight Attendants also live lives full of travel, and they all make somewhere between £23,000 and £25,000 per year. It all comes down to where an applicant’s strengths lie; Some people are made for freelance work, while others prefer the structure of working for a company. Some people love planning events and networking with people, while others prefer solitary, self-dependant work. Some people are terrified of flying, and even more have rough stomachs on the water. With the wide variety of roles available, the choice is yours, so be aware that getting paid to travel can be much more than a daydream.


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