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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Training in the workplace is a great way to foster employee satisfaction
8th November 2022

Two in three UK employees receive no training at work

Patrick Crowder


66% of UK office workers have no opportunities for training or progression in their current roles, according to a nationwide survey by Just Eat for Business. Additionally, 29% of employees surveyed said that they believe their wage is not representative of their skill level, causing them to feel undervalued.

The pandemic has changed the way that many people think about work, and employers are scrambling to attract new talented people who will stay with the company long-term. Salaries and pensions are still at the top of the list for potential employees, but training and the opportunity to develop new skills are also major factors. Over a quarter of the respondents stated that they would leave their current job for one with a higher salary, an improved work-life balance, or more seniority.

The survey comes as part of Just Eat’s Lunch and Learn programme, which combines corporate catering with training. Just Eat for Business Account Management Director Tom Baxter believes that training can be an excellent way to attract and keep employees.

“Career progression is an increasingly important aspect of work life for employees, particularly given the recent discussions around cost of living and people desiring a better work-life balance overall,” Baxter says, “Progression doesn’t always mean salary increases or promotions – the survey shows employees are just as keen to build upon their existing knowledge and enhance skills. Scheduling regular training, such as Lunch and Learns or catered workshops, is a great way to promote career development and increase employee interaction on a weekly basis.”

Nobody wants to feel like their professional life is going nowhere, and not everybody has the time to pursue their own personal development outside of their already stressful jobs, so it is vital that businesses work with their employees to help them pursue their goals.

In a time when employees are taking a hard look at the value of their work compared with what they receive for it, training in the workplace is more valuable than ever in terms of increasing employee satisfaction.

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