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Why you need to have a happy workforce


22nd March 2024
The Poet at Work I: Tishani Doshi
As the government seemingly reduces the importance of poetry on the national curriculum, by making i...
30th August 2023
Andrew Lloyd Webber: “If I were in the House of Lords today, I’d resign the Conservative whip”
What's the best night out you've had in this theatre? I've never had a show on at the Palladium...
15th August 2023
Diary: Eddie Izzard on pronouns, working with Judi Dench and the plight of the street performer
It all started when I went on Sky's Portrait Artist of the Year. They said: "What would you like? Wh...
11th August 2023
Photographer Rankin on how Bjork gave him his start in the industry
For anyone looking to be famous, one possible route seem to be to truncate your name into a snappy w...
8th August 2023
Model Rosalie Nelson: they wanted me ‘down to the bone’
In Australia they have a healthier outlook on how models should look...
22nd February 2023
Finito World Q&A: celebrity chef Tristan Welch
Garrett Withington talks to the co-owner of Parker's Tavern and host of Cooking with the Stars about...
5th February 2023
That humorous feeling: how much comedy in the workplace is too much?
The witty can sometimes prosper in the workplace, but take it too far and you may have a problem, wr...
2nd February 2023
The English Teacher: A poem about mentorship by Diego Murillo
There is always one latent in your life, who will shape you to your own advantage. Mine was Balkwi...
4th November 2022
Gibbons at 300: What the woodcarver can teach about mentorship and entrepreneurship
In 1671, at the age of 23, Grinling Gibbons had already become the most masterful woodcarver in the ...
12th August 2022
Ronel Lehmann on Maison Francois: ‘French without tears’
I stumbled across Maison Francois quite by chance whilst en route to St James’s Square - but then I ...
5th August 2022
No Time To Die: what James Bond tells us about the workplace
I’m lucky to possess an attractive vintage edition of On Her Majesty’s Secret Service (1963). Whenev...
4th August 2022
Mr and Mrs Smith Founder James Lohan: Journal of a Voyage Round My Room
As the travel industry continues to confront headwinds, James Lohan tells us about what the life of ...
11th February 2022
Review: The Wolseley
7th January 2022
Paris Resusscité: A review of the Hotel Le Meurice and Hotel Plaza Athenée
8th December 2021
New balls, please: how tennis could be the sport for 2022
3rd December 2021
An interview with divorce lawyer Jeremy Levison about his office art collection
19th November 2021
Exclusive with legendary photographer Paul Joyce: ‘We all have feet of clay in the end”
19th October 2021
Philip Mould on his early education in art
5th October 2021
Is the music industry out of the woods yet?
13th August 2021
Culture Essay: What we can all learn from cricket
6th August 2021
Food and drink: The post-pandemic return of the literary lunch

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