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Why you need to have a happy workforce


20th May 2024
Relatively Speaking: Henry Blofeld
At my age, you're permitted to look back a bit - to think of the circumstances of one's family and t...
19th April 2024
Friday poem: Omar Sabbagh’s ‘Searching the Horizon’
I opened my eyes and my eyes opened/the light that help them first to arise; and it was as though a ...
18th April 2024
Music review: Tallulah Rendall’s Love Carries Me Home
Tallula Rendall's new album Love Carries Me Homes is a beautiful work in many different ways: it arr...
12th April 2024
As the House of St Barnabas closes we look at the future of Private Members’ Clubs
As Costeau walks into 5 Hertford Street, he receives that jolt of self-importance which he has learn...
11th April 2024
Peter Jackson’s Beatles film Get Back as a study in workplace toxicity
The data is mixed as to whether The Beatles have broken through to the younger generation. The band ...
28th March 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Jeremy King’s new restaurant Arlington: “an inspirational overcoming of adversity.”
When Karin Stark, wife of the late Dave Allen, described how life was without her comedian husband, ...
20th March 2024
Meredith Taylor reviews E.1027 – Eileen Gray and the House by the Sea
Eileen Gray (1878-1976) was a creative genius and the first woman to conquer the world of architectu...
19th March 2024
Ronel Lehmann on Veneti 2: “right up there with the best”
As I was making my way to join a senior colleague in this Wigmore Street restaurant, my thoughts abr...
15th March 2024
Friday poem: ‘Plan of Attack’ by Jude A. Jung
Plan of Attack Best in these short days, where silence is, and darkness lasts, to create little begi...
12th March 2024
Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds’ ‘Wild God’: ‘a song of planetary importance’
It used to seem to me that rock and roll was a young man's game, possessing within it the iron law o...
8th March 2024
Friday poem: Omar Sabbagh’s ‘The Ghost’
In the corner of the room a cheap white frame; the picture inside shows an aged man, minted there wi...
1st March 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Saison: “If only our politics could be as sweet as this’
It was absolutely bucketing down. There was only one thing for it. My guest was coming from the Pala...
26th February 2024
Sir Philip Rutnam: ‘The state of our churches is the biggest crisis facing our national heritage – by far’.
I have always been very fond of Philip Larkin's poem 'Church-Going', where Larkin stops at the count...
15th February 2024
To Read or not to Read: Paul Joyce introduces his new music column
If I were to introduce myself to you as a gambling man, then I would be willing to bet you a pound t...
13th February 2024
A Letter from Israel
This letter is ten years late. I went to Israel for the first and so far only time in 2013, and for ...
12th February 2024
Review: Harbour Hotel, Sidmouth: ‘a friendly, relaxing hotel’
In early 2024, many parents looked at the calendar with a degree of confusion: the schools were goin...
9th February 2024
Ronel Lehmann reviews Yalla Yalla: “full of character, lanterns and Middle East promise’
The name of the restaurant means "Let's go." And go we did. I managed to go there twice. On the firs...
7th February 2024
A Tribute to a Great Career: Paul Joyce remembers Dennis Hopper
It was different working in British television back in 1986. They thrust money in your purse and sen...
1st February 2024
Paul Joyce on Maestro: “A Rudderless Ship Adrift on a Sea of Vanity”
In my decidedly less than humble opinion, the only real reason for "Maestro", Bradley Cooper's incon...
30th January 2024
Review: The Letters of Seamus Heaney
I don't think any writer would in their right mind refuse the Nobel Prize for Literature, but there ...
26th January 2024
Paul Joyce: A Dr Who Dinosaur Speaks
One can almost hear the sight of relief breathed by Idris Elba when at last the young cub was painfu...

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