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8th September 2022

Even in ‘single industry’ areas, opportunities abound

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A study conducted by the School of Marketing has analysed ONS data to find the areas of the UK most dominated by a single industry. While it may be easy to assume that more rural areas are entirely dominated by agriculture, for example, the School of Marketing found that even in agriculture-focused areas there are many other jobs available.

Fermanagh and Omagh in Northern Ireland is the district most dominated by a single industry, namely agriculture, fishing, and forestry, however even then only 40% of jobs are in that sector. The Orkney Islands, the Shetland Islands, and Powys are also heavily involved in agriculture, making them the next three locations on the list, though that industry only makes up around 35% of the jobs in those areas. Richie Mehta, CEO of the School of Marketing, commented on the unexpected range of options regardless of where one is located.

“It’s fascinating to see the variety all around in these results, with areas from all around the UK making their way into the list,” Mehta says, “This data shows that some industries really dominate in certain areas of the UK, however that doesn’t mean there’s only one type of job available, as there can be a huge variety of roles within a business sector.”

32% of businesses in Bromsgrove are in business administration and support services, making it fifth on the list. The City of London appears in 9th place, where 31% of business occurs in the professional, scientific, and technical services sector.

Even in the areas with the lowest diversity of roles, one industry never dominates over 40%, leaving many options for job hunters and small business owners alike. Mehta explains how, through the Apprenticeship Levy scheme, the skills gap can be closed and diversity of small business enterprises can be expanded.

“When it comes to skills, there are some common themes that employers are looking for across a range of jobs, however in the current climate, budgets for training are likely to be cut, and the skills gap could widen. SME owners can take advantage of the Apprenticeship Levy scheme to bring in new staff or train current ones in digital and data-led programmes, with the vast majority of the training cost covered by the levy,” Mehta says.


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