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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Dinesh Dhamija

29th May 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: India’s 10 year reckoning
Since his election as Indian Prime Minister in 2013, Narendra Modi set out a vision for his country...
10th May 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Massive Renewable Deal and Battery Boost
There were two standout news stories this week to cheer the clean energy sector. First, Microsoft's ...
3rd May 2024
Celebrating Earth Day – an Atlantic Divide
How important is the environment in the US versus the UK? This Earth Day - which fell on 22nd April ...
25th April 2024
India Seeks Energy Independence by 2047
To coincide with the centenary of its independence from Britain in 2047, India's leadership has anno...
22nd April 2024
India Heads Global Growth League
Cementing its place at the peak of global economic performance, India appeared in Franklin Templeton...
3rd April 2024
Electrifying Europe from the Black Sea to Brussels
Plans are afoot to connect Western and Eastern European with the Black and Caspian Seas via a 1200km...
26th March 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Watch Out for a Moroccan HUV
Not sure what a Moroccan HUV is? Let me explain....
6th March 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: The Hydrogen Revolution is Here
Within a few years, the gas that fuels your central heating could have changed to hydrogen, without ...
14th February 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Sunny Side Up
Ten million Indian households stand to benefit from a new solar power project, announced this week. ...
8th February 2024
India’s New Wave of IPOs
From just $17 million raised by Indian IPOs in January 2023, this year they totalled $67...
16th January 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Storm in a Beauty Spot
It was hardly the worst provocation in the world: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi sitting in a c...
12th January 2024
Modi’s election momentum
Almost a decade has passed since Narendra Modi became Indian Prime Minister in 2014, yet he is still...
9th January 2024
India’s Prospects for 2024
We're almost a quarter through the 21st century and the predictions of Jeff Bezos and others that th...
28th December 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: Indian Stock Markets End Year on a High
In a year of milestones for India - most populous country, fastest-growing large economy - here come...
21st December 2023
Indians Head London Property Rankings
When he paid £138 million for Aberconway House in Mayfair last week, Adar Poonawalla joined a growin...
19th December 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: India Will Take Off Like China in the 90s
I love reading sharp economic analysis. You can always tell when someone has mastered their subject ...
27th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on reviving Varanasi
I've just spent a few days in Varanasi, India's holiest place, celebrating my brother-in-law's 70th ...
16th November 2023
Tesla Targets India
I'm a big fan of Tesla. When I sold, I had salespeople trying to interest me in all kin...
8th November 2023
Opinion: Why Solar Power is the Answer
The world is hotter than ever. Climate-related disasters occur with terrifying regularity. ...
6th November 2023
Dinesh Dhamija: ‘Raise a Glass to Indian Whiskey’
Alongside its population and GDP milestones, this year India celebrated another world first: it is n...
30th October 2023
Dinesh Dhamija on India’s Investment Allure
As the world polarises further into warring blocs, with Russia, China and Iran on one side and the U...

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