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Why you need to have a happy workforce

Paul Joyce

15th February 2024
To Read or not to Read: Paul Joyce introduces his new music column
If I were to introduce myself to you as a gambling man, then I would be willing to bet you a pound t...
7th February 2024
A Tribute to a Great Career: Paul Joyce remembers Dennis Hopper
It was different working in British television back in 1986. They thrust money in your purse and sen...
1st February 2024
Paul Joyce on Maestro: “A Rudderless Ship Adrift on a Sea of Vanity”
In my decidedly less than humble opinion, the only real reason for "Maestro", Bradley Cooper's incon...
26th January 2024
Paul Joyce: A Dr Who Dinosaur Speaks
One can almost hear the sight of relief breathed by Idris Elba when at last the young cub was painfu...
19th January 2024
Paul Joyce on Mr Bates v The Post Office
I have taken a personal interest in Toby Jones' career since we met, only the once and an occasion h...
20th December 2023
Paul Joyce: My Brush with Still Life
Art has always been distinguished by separate genes within its compass, but it was as late as 1669 t...
24th October 2023
The Dinosaur’s Last Ride: Paul Joyce on why he’s still a petrolhead in the age of electric cars
Yes, that's me, I'm the dinosaur. Surrounded by exhortations and ads for electric vehicles, all at w...
2nd October 2023
Paul Joyce: An Artist’s Memories of Sycamore Gap
Hadrian's Wall started construction about AD 122 and took nearly a decade to complete. It was intend...
19th November 2021
Exclusive with legendary photographer Paul Joyce: ‘We all have feet of clay in the end”

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