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Why you need to have a happy workforce


23rd April 2024
Meet the Mentor: presentation coach Merrill Powell
You've had a long and varied career in television. Can you talk a bit about your career, and how you...
11th March 2024
Father Ted creator Graham Linehan: “The button has been reset and I’m back to being incredibly frightened”
Graham Linehan is tall enough to be unmissable as he walks into Berners Tavern, a place of almost un...
26th February 2024
Sir Philip Rutnam: ‘The state of our churches is the biggest crisis facing our national heritage – by far’.
I have always been very fond of Philip Larkin's poem 'Church-Going', where Larkin stops at the count...
5th February 2024
Finito bursary candidate Nick Hennigan: “I want to go out there and do my family proud”
I have sometimes observed that precocity creates its own challenges: being brilliant young creates e...
15th January 2024
Sir Philip Rutnam: the civil service is a ‘fantastic profession’
I worked in the civil service from 1987 until 2020; I began by working in the Treasury and my initia...
10th January 2024
Meet the Mentor: Tom Pauk
Tell us about your career before you joined Finito. After studying drama, my efforts to become an ac...
7th December 2023
Meet the Mentor: Q&A with Finito senior mentor Tom Pauk
After studying drama, my efforts to become an actor ended with whimper rather than a bang, and I ret...
6th December 2023
The Beautiful Charity: an interview with The Twinning Project CEO Hilton Freund
The great and the good are filing into Downing Street: representatives of the charitable foundations...
5th December 2023
Exclusive: Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood on their new art show
The Internet may have wrecked the opportunity for tactile nostalgia. When Radiohead's OK Computer ca...
26th October 2023
An interview with legendary barrister Khawar Qureshi KC
Of all the things that can happen to you career-wise, to be born with the suspicion that you’d like ...
14th September 2023
Cosmo Landesman on making it in journalism and the tragic fate of his son Jack
My parents had a cabaret club in America in the mid-West. They did plays and had performers - people...
5th September 2023
Handwriting expert Emma Bache on Shakespeare, Rishi Sunak – and Obama’s unexpected trait
Emma Bache is one of the leading graphologists in the UK, but she didn't have an early interest in h...
28th August 2023
The Baroness and the Mujahideen: the remarkable tale of Marefat school in Afghanistan
Vladimir Putin’s Russia launched a special operation against Ukraine on 24th February. This episode ...
25th August 2023
Stephen Fry on the need to relax
Despite his success, one sometimes feels a little sorry for Stephen Fry: for some, he is the celebri...
James Jensen, tennis instructor at Pierpont Racquet Club
19th July 2023
James Jensen: A career in tennis
James Jensen is a renowned tennis coach with years of experience on the court. After competing in th...
13th July 2023
Class Dismissed: Raymond Gubbay
So what was it like starting out in the performing arts business? I left school three days before my...
26th June 2023
An interview with Sir Tom Stoppard on his friend Clive James
Christopher Jackson hears from the 83-year-old playwright about his old friend, and finds evidence o...
12th June 2023
Tomorrow’s leaders: Emily Prescott
When you pick up the newspaper what do you turn to first? For me, it depends on the occasion. After ...
12th May 2023
Class Dismissed: Dame Mary Richardson
We’re at the 80th anniversary of the sinking of HMS Dasher. What’s next in the quest for answers?...
20th April 2023
An Interview with revered clinical psychotherapist Dr. Paul Hokemeyer about Get Back and workplace toxicity
Psychologically speaking, how do toxic work situations arise and why is it that we find them so diff...
24th February 2023
Exclusive: David Cameron and the plight of the former Prime Minister
It’s not quite clear if David Cameron is taller than you might expect, or whether you’ve given him e...

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