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Why you need to have a happy workforce


29th May 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: India’s 10 year reckoning
Since his election as Indian Prime Minister in 2013, Narendra Modi set out a vision for his country...
28th May 2024
Sir Terry Waite on careers in faith
Faith has been a vital part of my work, and that has been a gradual growth over the years. My unders...
24th May 2024
Book review: Say More: Lessons from Work, the White House and the World by Jen Psaki
Jen Psaki has become a Democratic sage by virtue of having served in both the Obama and the Biden ad...
22nd May 2024
Film Editor Meredith Taylor reviews new Donald Trump film The Apprentice: “A compulsive portrait of toxic narcissism”
"You're either a killer or a loser" is the advice a young Donald Trump (Sebastian Stan) gets from hi...
21st May 2024
Lumos Education CEO Johanna Mitchell on her early life and the influence of her parents
I had no idea that I would work as an education consultant, until I was in my mid-30s, running a sma...
20th May 2024
Henry Blofeld on PG Wodehouse, Ian Fleming and the cricket of the past
At my age, you're permitted to look back a bit - to think of the circumstances of one's family and t...
15th May 2024
Diary: former Webb Space Telescope head Carl Starr on the space sector and journeying to other planets
I worked on a programme with NASA for 27 years doing the James Webb Space Telescope. It was around t...
13th May 2024
Harry Hyman: a Labour government will be a helpful ‘resetting of the clock’
I meet the entrepreneur and publisher Harry Hyman in his offices on Haymarket. He is ensconced in a...
10th May 2024
Dinesh Dhamija: Massive Renewable Deal and Battery Boost
There were two standout news stories this week to cheer the clean energy sector. First, Microsoft's ...
9th May 2024
Michael Gove on how the Tories can win the next election
When I hear the pessimistic talk about the upcoming General Election, I think back to the 2017 vote...
8th May 2024
Emma Roche on the possibilities of a philosophy degree
I remember, aged 14, reading Socrates' famous dictum "the unexamined life is not worth living" in th...
3rd May 2024
Celebrating Earth Day – an Atlantic Divide
How important is the environment in the US versus the UK? This Earth Day - which fell on 22nd April ...
2nd May 2024
From mobile app designers to SEO professionals, what are the most lucrative freelancing jobs?
New research has found how much freelancers can charge in he US, with those making mobile apps charg...
1st May 2024
Diary: Anushka Sharma on founding the London Space Network and the future of careers in space
I left politics in 2012 to work in the Olympics, and that was the start of my self-employment journe...
30th April 2024
From advertising to endurance: the incredible story of Vicki Anstey
I grew up in North Yorkshire in a tiny village in a fairly remote part of North Yorkshire. I went to...
29th April 2024
Y Knots author Omar Sabbagh gives his advice to young writers
My first ever publication as an aspiring writer was in 2004. I'd attended a brief course in creative...
26th April 2024
Introducing the Shadow Pledge
The employment market can be a bewildering place for hirers and job-seekers alike. As a rule, the pe...
25th April 2024
India Seeks Energy Independence by 2047
To coincide with the centenary of its independence from Britain in 2047, India's leadership has anno...
22nd April 2024
India Heads Global Growth League
Cementing its place at the peak of global economic performance, India appeared in Franklin Templeton...
18th April 2024
Music review: Tallulah Rendall’s Love Carries Me Home
Tallula Rendall's new album Love Carries Me Homes is a beautiful work in many different ways: it arr...
17th April 2024
Tracey Jones: Mind Management Mentorship for our Next Generation
Why is 'introspective reflection' critical for our society? And more, importantly our education syst...

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